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Flow Canna

Strawberry Pie Soap

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Made with love, the Strawberry Pie Soap 🍓 is hand-made with natural ingredients that smells like sweet strawberries.  
This unique soap is perfect as a gift for friends and family, or to give yourself a boost of sweetness every day. It looks like real cake, and makes your skin feel smooth and soft. Cake Soap is perfect as a decoration on your bathroom sink or your living room table, or use it to create beautiful soap art. You will love how your skin feels and looks after using this unique soap !!! 

Purified Water /Coconut Oil / shea butter /Glycerine/ Sodium laurate /Sodium stearate/ essential oil or frengrance oil

Weight approximately : 110g to 120g. 

Please note that all our dessert soap are handcrafted and therefore unique. There are no two identical soaps. The color, size, design may vary and be slightly different from the photos. aromatica method.

Please Keep away from children and pets. 
DO NOT TRY TO EAT them !!!!!